Family and studio friends

The following are people that we deem as family members to the studio on account of how well they do their jobs and how great all around good people they are at heart. If you need a service that one the them specializes in, these are the people we recommend you contact first!


Another Monster


Using his skill set gained from years in the EDM world, AM creates a unique blend of modern and underground music that perfectly combines heavy and soft, dirty and clean, melodic and captivating.

David “Another Monster” Purcell is one of our fantastic in house producers. We are currently running a PRODUCTION SPECIAL together which you can learn more about by clicking HERE. He works one on one with clients to provide them with premium quality custom beats and instrumentals and offers a great mixing service.

Another Monster also released a new ebook called “What’s Wrong With Your Production” which you can grab by clicking HERE

Josiah Garrett Headshot.jpg

Josiah Garrett

Touring Musician/bassist/teacher

Josiah is a 24 year old full time freelance touring musician and teacher who currently has published 3 books on bass guitar. He is a master of bass and the best we know! That’s why we have him as our in house bass player. If you’re working on a tract that needs professional bass recorded or need a bass player who is very versatile and a quick learner to fill in a spot on a live gig or tour? He is your man. He is also launching a new online video course called the 2019 Music Industry Success Course. You can find out more about the course (worth every penny) and Josiah himself by clicking the HERE

Andrew Bennett VS Fam Pic.jpg

ANdrew Bennett


With 20 years of classical training & over a decade of live performance experience, he has been given a great store of information from musicians who came before me & cannot wait to share that with you. Personalized, professional, & affordable lessons for drums, piano, guitar, and more in Lawrenceville, GA!

Andrew is one of our preferred studio drummers for drum tracking when a client needs drums on a new project. If you ever need professional sounding drums on your track at an affordable price, you definitely need to hit him up.