Mastering Samples

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Here are a couple of before and after samples of some mastering jobs we have done. And as you can here, we are not genre specific. We are able enhance the quality of any track given to us and add more punch and depth, as well as take out any muddiness and level out any sonic issues with the track. Mastering isn't meant to be a miracle worker for the song though. If it's mixed well, it's masterings job to preserve the character of the song with smaller changes. If it's mixed poorly, there is a more drastic difference in the final master as it tries to compensate for and frequency and leveling mistakes and it still might never be perfect but it will be better. I’ve mastered tracks that have been distributed through Sony, played over the speaker systems in rotations at Walmarts and many songs that have gone to find spots on top charts along other big house hold name artists!
For more info on pricing, you can click the link HERE and check out our Services page. If you'd like a free mastering sample, please fill out our Contact form HERE and let us know a little more about the project.

Mastering Examples

Quotes from previous clients

Justin is a great guy in general and one on the most patient engineers I have ever recorded with! I have never met someone so passionate about the music industry and his attention to details is second to none. He has been extremely consistent with how he treats me or any of my associates and he makes everyone feel like they are part of his family. It has been an extreme pleasure working with this guy and I know that he will do great things in the industry. If you’re thinking about finding a studio that gives you the same golden standards as any Top Tier label studio but at an affordable rate, then you’ve come to the right place.
— Estebon Watson
Head engineer Justin Daniel, is one of the easiest and most accomidating guys to work with. He creates an invironment that allows you space to be as creative as needed. Without feeling pressured, or nervous. You ask him to add some reverb, or echo or basically anything and all he says is “okay, hold on a sec” and boom, it’s exactly what you wanted. We recorded virtually our entire album with Justin, and we plan on going back again, and again.
Once the album was mixed we brought it back to him for mastering. He worked quickly, meticulously and once again, the quality speaks for it’s self. If you are an artist, especially an artist recording their first project. Then Venerate Studios is the perfect place for you.
— Daniel Goldberg
Venerate studios has a super laid back environment. I’ve worked with a number of artists who have recorded here and we always have a blast. Justin is a very knowledgeable dude, and has experience recording just about any genre you can think of. I highly recommend recording here!
— David Purcell
Justin mixed and mastered one of my early instrumental songs through a crowdsourcing contest of sorts. His mix was my favorite of dozens and dozens from engineers around the globe. I found him extremely easy to work with and ended up hiring him to do the whole album, which came out great. His rates are reasonable, and he is more than willing to tweak and change things until his clients are completely happy with the product. A+
— Rory McMillan