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Whether you're looking for full production services from start to finish, mixing/mastering your pre tracked material or just looking for a nice place to record and mix yourself, Venerate Studios is here to help breathe life to your project and help you achieve the end result you're looking for. 

Founded in 2012, Venerate Studios is a full service home studio located right off of hwy 316 in the Athens/Watkinsville area of Georgia that provides services in recording, mixing, mastering, pre production, voice over and re-amping. Owned and operated by Justin Daniel, who serves as lead engineer/mixer, has had over 8 years experience in the audio and production field as well as working with Pro Tools. We know making a living as a musician can be hard work so we take pride in giving you the best possible product for your money.


Justin Daniel - Owner/engineer of Venerate Studios

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Control Room