Jan 2018 Studio Update

Where to begin

With 2018 already a few weeks in, I feel one thing I've been wanting/needing to do is be more active on social media on my personal and business accounts. Especially the studio account. Looking back at my previous attempts to blog and update on here I see have been very sporadic at best. So I guess with that said what easier way to start than with some simple cool studio updates from the past few months.

So first thing first, I got notified that the Tammy Renee Christmas album that I mastered last November, the single "Make Time For Christmas" had made its way to #6 on the TOP 10 Christian Country Charts 2017. To my knowledge, thats the first time something I've worked on has officially charted. So thats super awesome for me! Big shout out to Chas Childers who got me on the project and produced the track. The people at Emanant Music Group are always great to work with! 

Another update is artist Xay Zoleil recently released his album "People of Pangea" online, which was a project he had done here what seems like a year and a half ago and just released the music video for one of the songs. You can check it below.

Next we have another band that I worked with around that same time called The Canines, just recently released a music video off the EP they did here (which was recorded/mixed/mastered here). You can check out their music video for that below. Just like Xavier and his crew, the dudes in The Canines are all great down to earth dudes and easy to work with.

Next update is that as of today everything is finished and sent off the the production house for Sarah Zuniga's new full length album that she tracked over here with many talented musicians. Really excited for that to be released into the world for people to enjoy. 

Last major recent is that Another Monster and myself are just finishing work on a new single for Melanie Miranda and it's coming out great. Cant wait to get this one out to the public.

So yeah, I know a lot more has happened since my last post on here but these are some of the major things from the studio this past month or so. This year I really plan to step up my game as far as posting more often and I plan to start posting more things to the youtube channel for more content like live studio performances and play troughs and other little studio tricks. So definitely keep your eyes out for that and if you'd like to record here or work with me in any capacity, don't be afraid to fill out the contact form on the site or by clicking HERE and we can get the ball rolling.

This year is already looking to be even greater than last year. The calander is already starting to fill up with bookings and requests so I couldn't be more excited about what's to come!