E.M. Watson Releases new single 'S P A C E D O U T'

S P A C E D  O U T


My good friend E.M. Watson is releasing his new song/music video this up coming Monday the 16th. The song was recorded here at Venerate Studios. I was heavily involved with the music video as well. 

I acted as the Unit Production Manager, Script Supervisor, and did the makeup and costuming. It was directed by Daniel Espeut from Espeuté Productions

Really happy with the way everything turned out. Check it out below and give it a watch. If you like it, or know someone who might, please share it and help get the word out E.M. is one of the hardest working people I know.

S P A C E D  O U T  is the first in a 9 piece audio/visual series following the main character Lyn and is break down from reality.

"You really do just get lost in this one. The sound-scape is mesmerizing, the way the music just immediately fills up the room, changes the atmosphere and the mood, without any massively central hook or force-fed melody....The music creates a wave of peace that washes over everything it touches." - Exposed Vocals

You can read the entire Exposed Vocals article here as well as an interview with E.M. Watson.